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Hungary / Eszak-Alfold

University of Debrecen Technology Transfer Center

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Available services

  • Technology transfer activity
  • Industrial Property Rights and Innovation Management courses
  • University of Debrecen Student Innovation Community
  • Proof of Concept Financing Program

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Tools and procedures

Innovation and technology transfer has recently been in the focus of the most significant Hungarian universities’ innovation strategy. The University of Debrecen actively supports the utilization of the innovative ideas, products and services developed by the researchers of the university by setting up the Technology Transfer Center of the University. The primary role of the Center is to support the university researchers in commercializing their research results. It is advised to the researchers to keep contact with the Center during the research projects in order to get relevant information about business potentials behind their research results. The staff of the Center can provide support in the matters of IP protection, commercialization, collaboration with industrial partners, establishment of spin-off companies, university IP regulations and other innovation-related questions. The Center provides wide-range innovation services for the researchers, students and partners of the university. Basic activities of the Center: - Dissemination of research capabilities of the university. - Build partnership with research partners and enterprises. - IP management - Licensing, spin-off and start-up support. - Preparation of legal agreements, taking part in business negotiations. - Training the students and faculty towards an innovation-based approach in research. - Support the development of the local economy. Next to them specifically determined the Center provides several special and unique procedures for its customers, as the services described in 3.8 point as well: - Intellectual property protection information point. - Technology transfer activities. - Patlib Center. - Industrial Property Rights and Innovation Management courses. - University of Debrecen Student Innovation Community. - Proof of Concept Financing Program.

Best practices

One of the most interesting and effective service of the Center is the Proof-of-concept service element. Proof-of-concept funding is a bridge in the funding gap between basic scientific research and its entry into the marketplace as a sustainable technology. Research discoveries often need additional development to reach important milestones that are critical to commercialization. These milestones help “de-risk” a technology, increasing the potential for licensing to an existing company or enabling the formation of a startup company. Traditional sources of research funding are typically intended for basic research. However, discoveries resulting from basic research need to reach important milestones to make technologies more attractive to licensing partners. POC funding helps bridge that gap by supporting activities such as: - Building prototypes - Conducting commercial feasibility tests - Demonstrating mitigation of risk - Addressing issues identified by industry that impair the ability to license or attract capital. The University of Debrecen follows the above-mentioned example for the first time in the country. From this year the University of Debrecen make it possible to launch a Proof of Concept (PoC) program under the University of Debrecen Innovation Fund to support the market utilization of the technologies created in the institution. The selected projects will receive up to 10 million HUF support for a maximum of 9 months period to reach new milestones for product development, testing or prototype development in order to evaluate and boost the utilization of the university technology. The applications will be evaluated on the basis of four main criteria as: - technological validity, - intensity of the intellectual property protection, - the market environment and - business attractiveness.

History of the institution

The University of Debrecen, the oldest institution of higher education in the country operated continuously in the same city, is one of the research universities of national excellence in Hungary offering the widest spectrum of educational programs in 14 faculties and 24 doctoral schools. Today the University of Debrecen is a leading and prominent institution of higher education in Hungary. It is not only at the forefront of Hungarian and international education but also active in the fields of research, innovation and development, and enjoys fruitful links with the business sector. The ever-changing social and economic environment demands continuous renewal from the institution and there is a constant need to adapt to new requirements. The University of Debrecen’s mission is to contribute to the education of future generations in cooperation with Hungarian and international partners, with high-quality interdisciplinary programs, and research built on versatile and practical experience. Besides education, the institution also provides European-quality patient care with comprehensive services to fulfill its obligations in the city, county, and region and often on the national level as well.

History of RO

The University of Debrecen Technology Transfer Center (UDTT) has started to operate in 2005. At the beginning of its operation the Center was dealing with technology transfer only in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, innovative drug development and functional food development. For now it provides innovation and technology transfer services as well as IP rights-related services in every substantial scientific field which are in focus of the research activity of University of Debrecen (UD). Based on the experiences of the UDTT it was found out that most of the innovative project ideas and new product or service development proposals originate from the Medical and Health Science Center of the university and its clinical departments.


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