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Czech Republic / Jihozapad

Regional Development Agency for the Pilsen Region (RDA)

Focus area / regional smart specialisation:

RO details:

Available services

  • Regional data provider on GIS server:
  • regional innovation strategy

Offered datasets

  • High-tech Export

Tools and procedures

Network with all information about regional development:

Best practices

Screening of regional potential (Project proposals) - mapping of potencial projects and getting finance from different financialial resources

History of the institution

RDA was founded 1999 as non for profit organization with main goal to support complex development of Pilsen region and to increase its economical potential and attractiveness and improve quality of life of its inhabitants. RDA is closely working with public sector entities in the region. Main activities are: - creation of analyses, concepts and strategies - support of education for labour market - development of cities and towns - development of transport infrastructure - activities in the environmental policies and development of waste management

History of RO

RDA is serving also as main expert point for development of regional innovation strategy by development of smart specialization study and development of Smart accelerator project. Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region Therefore we pay attention not only to economic growth but also to social aspects. We analyse the current situation and propose changes in areas that relate to peoples’ everyday life. We support public and non-government organizations. We provide services mostly to the Pilsen Region, cities and municipalities


We collaborate with:


City: Plzen

Description: Cluster of different entities supporting concept of smart region.

RIS3 strategy

City: Plzen

Description: Network cooperation with partners in terms of processing strategy documents for regional support for R&D.


City: Plzen

Description: Network of municipalities in Pilsen region supporting development of all types of municipalities in their activities.

Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s.

City: Pilsen

Description: Energy saving projects.

EKO - KOM a.s.

City: Prague

Description: Recycling waste projects.