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Czech Republic / Jihozapad

Regional Chamber of Commerce

Focus area / regional smart specialisation:

RO details:

Available services

  • Supports entrepreneurial environment
  • Human Resources

Offered datasets

  • Information about member companies
  • Information about member companies
  • Information about member companies

Tools and procedures

We don´t use any special tools, for us the most important is direct contact to regional emloyers.

Best practices

We don´t use any special tools, for us the most important is direct contact to regional emloyers, so we can share informations about our region and create networks.

History of the institution

The Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pilsen region associate legal and natural persons of the Pilsen region. The legal ground and limits of its activities is the Act 301/1992 Sb., on the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Czech Republic as amended. The Chamber strives to support and develop the business environment. Besides advisory and consultancy activities, the Chamber ensures a wide range of services for entrepreneurs, non-enterprising legal bodies, as well as public. Apart from that, the Chamber cooperates with a wide range of state institutions and represents an important connection between the public and the private sectors. The Chamber promotes the interests of entrepreneurs towards the authorities of the Pilsen region, the town of Pilsen and other municipalities of the Pilsen region. It takes part in designing strategic documents, provides information services, and carries out specialized national and multinational projects. It holds a range of trainings, seminars and workshops based on the needs and interests of businesses and verifies certificates on the origin of goods, issues ATA carnets for temporary export of goods, ensures electronic toll (contact office for Premid Point) and ensures CzechPoint services.

History of RO

The division responsible for administering support for small and medium-sized enterprises from EU Structural Funds was established in 2012.


We collaborate with:


City: Plzeň

Description: Member of cluster Mechatronika

Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o.

City: Plzeň

Description: Doosan Škoda Power is a modern, dynamic company supplying high performance steam turbines,


City: Plzeň

Description: Škoda Transportation offers solution of production and development of low-floor trams, trolleybusesand hybrid vehicles for ecological public transport of European cities. The company is also focused on production of trains of various concepts, or production of locomotives.