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Poland / Lubelskie

Puławy Enterprise Center Foundation

Focus area / regional smart specialisation:

RO details:

Available services

  • General information related to various opportunities in region
  • Training courses
  • Reports on the foundation's activity
  • Financial analysis
  • Information related to Foundation activities and services

Offered datasets

  • Dataset of SMEs that taken guarantee from the Guarantee Found
  • Reports prepared by National Association of Guarantee Funds
  • Dataset of accredited lecturers
  • Dataset of trainings offered by Foundation Puławy Centre of Entrepreneurship

Tools and procedures

They conduct activitties under the rule of ISO 9001. Application to service customers of the loan fund,

Best practices

Dataset of accredited lecturers which facilitates the implementation of training, ability to work with a client, knowledge of employees' needs.

History of the institution

The Foundation "Puławy Centre of Entrepreneurship" FPCE was established in April 1994 as an initiative of local authorities Puławy City and entrepreneurs and organisations which act in favour of local development. The main purposes of the Fundation are the following: Creation and support for entrepreneurship development in Pulawy City and region Advertisement of local entrepreneurship and economy Proportion of employment, support for unemployed and persons endangered to become unemployed FPCE over decades of acting has established several dependent entities: Business incubator Advisory office Education office Project office Besides statutory activities FPCE is conducting dedicated programs targeted on creation and support of SMEs, human resources development and prevention against social exclusion. FPCE is an organisation accredited by Ministry of Development as Centre of Innovation which is offering pro-innovation services for SMEs. Additionally FPCE is following ISO 9001 norms in area of information services, training courses and financial services. It is registered in Central Advisory Registry in Brussels.

History of RO

Due to the fact that it is impossible to separate the RO from The Foundation "Puławy Centre of Entrepreneurship", the assumption was taken that the history of the RO is the same that the history of FPCE LK – see: 1.12.