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Poland / Slaskie

Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment ITAM

Focus area / regional smart specialisation:

RO details:

Available services

  • Innovation audits
  • Standardization, certification training
  • Thematic reports, update of the technology development program

Offered datasets

  • Data to the state of the art report concerning medical specialisation in Slaskie region (PL)
  • Thematic reports
  • Opinions about innovation
  • Opinions about innovation

Best practices

activities carried out as part of living labs, cooperation within regional observatories networks

History of the institution

The mission of the Institute is developing modern equipment for diagnostics, therapy and medical rehabilitation, cooperation with other scientific institutions and organizations in the field of technology and medicine, to undertake common research and promote own scientific staff development, cooperation with industry as a partner generating new ideas, technical solutions (licences) and providing professional services, participating in activities for economy development and population health. ITAM is also the coordinator of scientific consortium named Polish Centre of Advanced Technologies for Health Protection and Promotion - POLTEM, grouping 29 partners from the science and industry associated with medical technologies. Established in 1969. Currently the only research institute in Poland leading statutory scientific work as well as R&D in the field of medical technology. The main focus areas include: diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, intensive monitoring of patients, medical resuscitation, rehabilitation, biomedical engineering, telemedicine, the use of computer technology in medicine, safe use of medical equipment as well as the research, testing and certification of medical equipment. ITAM is also specialised in the production of: external invasive, transesophageal and non-invasive transcutaneous cardiostimulators, intended for cardiac diagnosis and therapy.

History of RO

The activity of the observatory resulted from cooperation with the Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences and closer cooperation with enterprises to identify their needs and area of ​​cooperation. RIS implementation in Slaskie region (PL) is strongly supported by creation (a few years ago) of a network of regional specialised observatories in certain industrial fields. Every observatory is run by a consortium of R&D and business support institutions. Medical observatory is in operation since the beginning of the network. ITAM since the beginning of project implementation by the Marshal Office's is a Project Partner and implements the activities of the area of health observatory.


We collaborate with:

Polish Society of Biomedical Engineering

City: Warszawa

Description: Research into technological development perspectives Publish materials concerning high technologies. Organize exhibitions and expositions

Polski Innowacyjny Klaster MedyPIKMED - Polish Innovative Medical Cluster

City: Opole

Description: Type of cooperation: cooperation with companies and institutions in the industry common projects, monitoring trends, exchange of experiences

The Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences (IBBE PAS)

City: Warszawa

Description: The IBBE PAS mission is to develop and implement new technologies, devices and supportive theoretical tools for medical diagnosis and treatment aimed at prolonged and improved quality of life of patients with chronic and civilization diseases. The re

MedSilesia National Key Cluster

City: Gliwice

Description: ITAM was one of the founders of the MedSilesia Cluster in 2007. Type of cooperation: cooperation with companies and institutions in the industry common projects, monitoring trends.

Zabrze Chamber of Industry and Commerce

City: Zabrze

Description: Relationships and rules of cooperation are in the development phase.

Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Gliwice

City: Gliwice

Description: Exchange of knowledge about current economic trends in the market, environment.

Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology

City: Warszawa

Description: inspire changes improving legal conditions relating to development of high technologies. Counsel and advise in organizational-legal, financial and technological matters to support companies in first stage of theirs activity to strengthen cooperation