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  • Innovations for public administration
  • Transformation processes

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History of the institution

fint is a non-profit association with the purpose of promoting art and culture, education and the sustainable development of social coexistence. fint address social challenges with artistic, experimental and co-creative solutions. It also makes use of the potentials and competencies of artists and cultural workers and thereby strengthen them.

History of RO

fint goal is to implement sustainable change processes and support social change with our way of working. It participated in such programs as: Creative Trad. Company Coop, Jobshadowing, Speeddating, Inhouse Innovationstag, Innovations Werkstatt, Game-design Workshop, Neudenkerei, Kreatopia, Warnow Valley, Kreativlabs, Sternplatz Concept, etc.


Kreativsaison e.V.

City: Wismar