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promote and disseminate the culture of local wood. From the sustainable forest management in Veneto area, the members produce and sell products created with wood grown in Veneto region. The consortium was founded in 04/10/2012 with the participation of companies and trade associations. The symbol that characterizes this project is "La Tola dela Region", a large table where the Institutions (Local Authorities, Region etc.), private and public forest owners, forestry companies, wood processing companies and more generally all those who are convinced that the development of a territory passes through the enhancement of the same and of the resources that characterize it. In fact, the Consortium today includes about fifty companies from all over the Veneto that represent the links of the entire chain from the forest to the finished product, with a view to sustainability, ethics and respect for the environment. The networking of companies has made it possible to create virtuous partnerships between the companies themselves, which, strictly following the criteria of the certification of wood and using local essences, have created works that have been recognized worldwide and nationally as an example of good practice. A mention came from the PEFC General Assembly in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for a house entirely built in Veneto Wood which was followed by the winning of the "Sterminata Bellezza" First Prize promoted by Legambiente Today all member companies have obtained or are obtaining the PEFC certification for sustainable forestry management.

History of RO

Consorzio Legno Veneto is a consortium of Veneto companies that promotes the wood of its territory. The Wood Veneto Consortium was born in October 2012 from an idea shared by a set of stakeholders who care about the mountain territory in terms of safeguarding and development. Legno Veneto is a wide-ranging project that aims to build a new way of thinking about the forest resource and all that pertains to it. The Consortium is a non-profit organization and today includes fifty companies from all over the Veneto region, representing the links of the entire chain from the forest to the finished product, with a view to sustainability, ethics and respect for the environment. In just over two years of activity, the Consortium has been the protagonist of fervent activities that have involved participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector (Made Expo Milan, Legno Edilizia Verona, Costruire Longarone-Fiere), the organization of conferences and seminars for insiders but also for those who want to approach and better understand the sector, as well as training related to communication and marketing.


We collaborate with:


City: Sedico

Description: multisectoral network which, through the multifunctional management of forest resources, intends to accelerate entrepreneurial actions that overcome the contrast between conservation and production needs. In addition to the participation of companies


City: Casella d'Asolo

Description: partner of the RO - young and dynamic company with an innate vocation for construction technology. it specializes in the production and marketing of products for ventilated roofs and for the building industry, offers ideal and innovative solutions both in terms of product and in terms of the implementation of the materials themselves


City: Bassano del Grappa

Description: partner of the RO - leading company in the sector of wooden windows


City: Oppeano

Description: partner of the RO - company specialized in the sale of thinners and solvents, subsequently integrating them with products for the treatment and coloring of wood